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Financial Planning with

Our Knowledge. Your Vision.


Make the most out of your hard-earned money with the right financial plan.

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The right plan begins with your vision.

As fiduciaries, we work with you to create custom financial plans that focus on strategy - not product - to help you achieve your goals no matter how simple or complex.

So whether you need help with one thing or everything, we're here for you. Learn about how we work with clients to see which solution fits your vision.

Working together for your future.

No matter how you choose to work with us, we start the process with a conversation about what's important to you. Understanding your vision of financial success is key to putting together the right solution for you.

And with both virtual and in-person meetings, we're there for you no matter where you are.

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How We Work


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Need help with a specific issue?


This solution is designed for clients seeking help with specific questions about one or several financial planning topics.




Ready to bring it all together?

This solution is designed for clients seeking a single source to create, implement, and manage a holistic financial plan.




Need help getting started?

This solution is designed for clients who seek the creation of a custom financial plan based on their goals but prefer to implement it on their own.


Why Choose Us?

With our network, we use a team of trusted professionals to assist our clients with what they're ideal picture of financial freedom looks like. Take a look at who we work with below!

The Value of Working With an Advisor

Those who work with an advisor report substantially greater financial security, confidence, and clarity than those who go it alone*.

Planning and Progress Study,

Northwestern Mutual, 2019*

*not a reliable indicator for future success


Maybe you just need a vision.

We've compiled a custom financial checklist for all your needs ranging from income, insurance, investments, and more! Check it out by clicking the button below.

Hosting Client Events

We believe a strong relationship with clients means getting to know them


That's why we host our client events! When you're a financial advisor, it's important to have a strong sense of the community you're serving. We know that, so we offer regular client events in which we can get together, share ideas and experiences, and build relationships.


Family Cookout | April 2022

We hosted a family cookout at the Owenego inn to provide a chance to connect with our clients and their families!

North Haven Concert | July 2022

We attended the summer concert series on the North Haven Green for a great night listening to an Eagles tribute band!

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Take Control of Your Financial Life

We have combined our knowledge with the latest technology to give you the best of both worlds.

Our customized secure client portal allows you to keep track of everything so you always know where it is and how much it's worth.

Request a free 30 day trial to see why our clients love this platform.

Your request has been received and we will be reaching out soon to get you set up!

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Blogs & Videos

Educating beyond meetings.

They say do what you love. Well, that's why we are passionate about educating clients and the public about "all-things-money"! Our managing director, John Caserta, appears on WTNH regularly, while we also host client-exclusive webinars monthly. Learn more by clicking below!

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Compensation on Investment Advisory

We partner with portfolio managers to provide clients with investment advisory services. We receive a portion of the fee you pay them for the management of your portfolio – nothing else. Ever.


We are fiduciaries. So regardless of the portfolio manager you choose, we receive clearly defined compensation that you know about upfront.

Investment advisory services offered exclusively by Investment Advisor Representatives of Hornor, Townsend, & Kent, LLC.

Please refer to the advisor's Form ADV Part 2b or the applicable Form CRS for complete details.

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