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Advisor Meetings

Choose between 3 of our skilled fiduciaries that have extensive knowledge of financial planning! Click on any of the icons to connect with our financial experts at your convenience.

Smart money decisions start with a smart conversation.

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As fiduciaries, we work with you to create custom financial plans that focus on strategy - not product - to help you achieve your goals no matter how simple or complex.​ So whether you need help with one thing or everything, we're here for you. At Caserta & de Jongh, it's Our Knowledge. Your Vision.

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John Caserta

Managing Director, MSFS, ChFC®, RICP®, CLU®

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Nathalie Edeen meeting icon

Nathalie Edeen

Financial Advisor &

Planning Specialist

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Amy Crookshank

Financial Advisor &

Planning Specialist

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