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Whether you chose to work with us through our


Designed for clients who desire a single source for the creation, implementation and management of a holistic financial plan.


Designed for clients with specific questions about financial planning topics or products that we can help implement.

we work with our clients to be resource for all of their financial questions.

We all seek a financial life that produces long term wealth, security and income. If this could be done while reducing risk, wealth erosion and financial costs, then all the better. Getting organized around this powerful desire is more difficult than it may appear. Life doesn’t occur in a vacuum and our financial decisions shouldn’t
be made in one as well.

Every one of us makes financial decisions throughout our life at different times, with different people, all under different circumstances. This typically leads to feeling confused, unorganized, and not sure if we’ve made the right decision for us or our family. Every decision we make has an impact on other decisions in ways that are
not always apparent. Understanding the basics of how money works is critical to moving ahead with confidence.

How It Works

We start by looking at the relationship between every money decision, discover where we are today and envision where we may be headed in the future. Our Model Rulebook®, powered by an innovative personal financial model, creates the  foundation for success.

The Leap Model® focuses on the five critical components of personal financial - Protection, Savings, Growth, Cash Flow and Debt. This model offers an unbiased, simplified approach to visualizing the impact, positive or negative, of our money decisions. This comprehensive tool highlights your entire financial situation so that it may be organized, analyzed and tracked for optimal performance.

LEAP®, The Leap Model™, Protection, Savings, and Growth (PS&G) Model®, and The LEAP Model Rulebook® are trademarks and service marks of Leap Systems, LLC which is an independent affiliate of the Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company (PML).  HTK is a wholly owned subsidiary of PML.  Trademarks belong to their respective owners.

It is important to note that the implementation of any strategies provided as a part of LEAP are designed to help find tax inefficiencies and aid one in reaching their financial goals, but no assurance can be made that these goals will in fact be reached.  Individual results may vary.